About Us

Whatintop is a website that provides you review about the tech products you are looking for also provides you pros/cons about the product and gives you honest information about the product based on our research that is beneficial/reasonable for you to buying.

Our aim is to provide you with genuine reviews about the product so that it will be easy for you to buy one that suits you based on your intent. There are many websites doing paid reviews but we are not like them. Our intent is to provide you with genuine reviews based on our couple of hours of research.

The domain that we have chosen Whatintop its meaning is to provide information about the products that are on the top and worthy for you.

About Waqas Siraj:

Waqas Siraj student of BSCs. He likes to write articles, and he likes to play games. He has been playing games since his childhood. He is a fast learner, and he guides people for their purchases.