Best Motherboards for i7 5820k

I7 5820k (Amazon)really is a formidable competitor in the world of processors, featuring a wealth of compatibility options. It comes with 12 threads and six cores and a base clock speed of 3.3 GHz, and being a K version, you can further overclock its speed. If It is difficult to choose which motherboard is best for your system since there is such a large selection of choices that without knowing the exact requirements, a layman can easily be lost in a maze where every option looks so promising on the surface.  You will, however, quickly realize that the other options on the market were much more suitable than the one you’ve chosen. 

No need to worry anymore. The search for the best motherboard for the i7 5820k will be made easier with us on your side. The following information gives all the necessary information about the best available motherboards, along with some shopping tips.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Form factor or size: To begin, you need to determine which size or form factor you want.  The two most common options are standard ATX and micro ATX.  The standard ATX board is popular among users as it provides the luxury of additional expansion slots which can prove synergistic in terms of compatibility and smooth speed. The micro ATX on the other hand, being smaller in size gives the comfort of adjustable in tiny places if you’re encountering a problem of space. The expansion slots may be less but how can that matter when one does not require them at all.
RAM (random access memory): t’s possible to classify motherboards depending on the type and amount of RAM they have. Therefore, it should be an essential factor before purchasing the best motherboard for the i7 5820k. We would suggest a motherboard that can handle 16 GB of memory. No matter if you are using that much RAM initially or not. When you need to run a program with higher specifications, it’s always a good idea to be able to increase your system’s capacity later.
Processor Sockets: When you have confirmed your form factor, the next step is the selection of the processor socket. There are three main processor sockets are available in the market. LGA, PGA, and BGA are their names. Typically, AMD uses PGA sockets in their devices while LGA sockets are the characteristic feature of Intel. The BGA is not that popular because it is permanently fixed in the motherboard, in this way it cannot be upgraded. Since we are buying a motherboard for i7 5820k, which is a product of Intel, LGA should be our first choice.
Additional features: It is also essential to have this in mind before buying an ideal motherboard.  As a general rule, you should select motherboards with most of the features built-in, so that you won’t have to buy additional cards. SATA ports are another consideration. Optical drives and storage drives can be connected to each SATA interface. For example SSD and HDD. The ideal interface would be SATA 3.0. The ideal interface would be SATA 3.0. If you are buying a motherboard for the i7 5820k, a peripheral USB connection should also be present.

Best Motherboards for i7 5820k at a glance:

  1. ASUS Prime Z390-A
  2. ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2
  3. MSI Z390-A pro
  4. ASUS X99-E WS
  5. ASRock x99 extreme 4

The Best Motherboards for i7 5820k You Can Buy Today

ASUS Prime Z390-A (image credit: Amazon)
ASUS Prime Z390-A (image credit: Amazon)

ASUS Prime Z390-A

Best Overall Motherboard for i7 5820k


Brand: | ASUS Memory: | 32GB DDR4 Chipset: | Intel Z390 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 1151


5-way optimization for overclocking a CPU 

Audio clarity with an unparalleled stereo

Unprecedented connectivity

Extraordinary cooling system with two layers of protection from heat



Installation is a bit hard, as we have learned standard ATX can be large with additional features

Compatibility: Among the connoisseurs of the field, ASUS prime Z390-A is considered the best overall motherboard for i7 5820k on the basis of compatibility. It supports overclocking of the processor and due to that guarantees ideal speed, stability, and power. It features a standard Atx form factor and LGA 1150 sockets. Compatible data transfer speed is 32mbps due to the presence of M.2 in the motherboard. This motherboard was designed specifically to work with Intel Core processors from the 8th and 9th generations. The highly customized T- Topology architecture design of our motherboard provides the time-aligned signaling required for i7 5820k.

Suitable For: The motherboard also employs graphic cards for the cooling of the intensive working of GPU and CPU. It also contains unparalleled stereo and a signal-to-noise ratio of 120db plus a signal-to-noise- ratio of 113 decibels. During long streaming sessions or intense professional designing projects, this ensures you of pristine sound quality and a heavenly experience. The M.2 slots of ASUS prime Z390-A are coupled with ASUS optimum II and type C USB slots of 3.1, 3.2 generation port for DRAM overclocking stability, better connectivity, and inspiring performance. The curators have not left DRAM overclocking after this, rather a 5-way optimization system automatically adjusts itself by the functioning thermal telemetry and smart prediction.

Overall: The ASUS prime Z390-A has a 5X protection III hardware-level safeguard. This feature further provides the motherboard and processor stability, endurance, and optimum functioning in the episode of overclocking. Fan Xpert 4 with AIO pump header functions as a vigilant cooling guard that gives an effective and dynamic cooling system.

ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 (image credit: Amazon)
ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 (image credit: Amazon)

ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2

Best Mid-Range Motherboard for i7 5820k


Brand: | ASUS Memory: | 128GB DDR4 Chipset: | Intel X299 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 2066


The super cool connectivity system

The cooling system is also very good, with an additional layer of armor



No overclocking

No smart prediction and thermal telemetry

No additional features for the audio clarity

Only compatible with the 7th generation

You are in a dilemma that the budget is low and you do not want to compromise over quality as well. Lo and behold now, because this Best mid-range motherboard for i7 5820k motherboard is specially manufactured while keeping this conundrum under the eye.

Compatibility: ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 is designed for 7th generation intel core processors with LGA 2066 socket. This feature enhances the connectivity to the maximum within available resources. The other available resources are dual M.2 slots, dual intel NIC, PCIe slot configuration with amazing eight SATA ports and rear panel USB having type C connection, intel optane memory, and Intel VROC. These all features within a very reasonable budget range make the ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 the best motherboard for i7 5820k. The cooling system is also solid that gives ultimate protection with thermal radar 3. This gives stability and foolproof protection against overheating while overclocking. 

Suitable for: The ASUS TUF comes with a very tough stylish armor that helps greatly with protection and rigidity to the structure. Plus it sustains the cooling for M.2 devices and PCH. The armor also keeps dust away from the board to avoid other complications. That is absolutely perfect for gamers so that they can play for as long as they want without having to worry about overheating. VRM cooling is another feature that this backplate assists. So the in order to meet the expectations of a certain clocking speed, not only the crux is working optimum but also the armor is chipping in with its unique style. 

Overall: If saving money is present in footnotes while you are looking for a reasonable motherboard, then ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 should be your go-to choice. The TUF Mark 1 also has somewhat similar features but the additional value of armor in the structure of TUF Mark 2 makes it so challenging in every aspect with its rivals. 

MSI Z390-A pro (image credit: Amazon)
MSI Z390-A pro (image credit: Amazon)

MSI Z390-A pro

Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 5820k


Brand: | MSI Memory: | 128GB DDR4 Chipset: | Intel® Z390 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 1151


Lightening-fast experience with connectivity

Maximum safety against overheating

More focus on graphics and sound features



Can be bulky in size

The gaming requirements are totally different from the mainstream usage of systems. So gamers used to look for extra perks that will save their back with lightning connectivity, HD graphics, and super audio. MSI Z390-A pro has relieved all the headaches in the hunt for the best gaming motherboard for i7 5820k.

Compatibility: MSI Z390-A pro is one of the most compatible, powerful, and stable motherboards. There are a lot of features present in this device that you will find very little in others, such as it supports 7th and 8th generations of intel core processors for LGA 1151 sockets with standard ATX form factor, keep-out-zone, pin-header, numerous cooling solutions, friendly SATA and USB positions. 

Suitable for: All in all this motherboard has been designed particularly for the gamers so that a Do it Yourself (DIY) user can adjust as desired choices and according to any unforeseen requirements. For the gamers, sounds and graphics of the motherboard had all the required focus and HD audio modules and processor find their place in the structure. For graphics, metal-reinforced slots provide space for quite a number of graphic cards. To make the experience of a gamer uninterrupted MSI PCI Express Steel Armour slots have points on the motherboard to further increase compatibility. The machine comes with a highly efficient M.2 slot, that is compatible to deliver an amazing speed of 32GB/s for SSDs and related stuff. There is an additional core boost technology with beautiful MSI architecture to ensure a machine start-up faster than the light. The loading speed for programs, and data transfer speed is also jaw-dropping. 

Overall: The cooling system is also very efficient with VRM assistance from the motherboard, the excessive heat dissipates. The heat sinks have more surface area to encounter and thermal nuisance before it even creates themselves. This more surface area also ensures the undisturbing supply of current to the motherboard with the accuracy of an Olympic archer. 

Asus X99-E WS (image credit: Amazon)
Asus X99-E WS (image credit: Amazon)


Best E-ATX Motherboard for i7 5820k


Brand: | ASUS Memory: | 128GB DDR4 Chipset: | Intel X99 Form Factor: | E-ATX Socket: | LGA 2011


Excellent graphics

Exquisite audio for movies and games

T-Topology design supports faster memory

Special focus on stability from overclocking thresholds


Very expensive

Installation technology requires an update

Large size, cannot be accommodated in small spaces

The four slot dual-slot graphics easily makes ASUS X99-E WS the best E-ATX motherboard for i7 5820k. It has everything for a graphic expert. Name your requirement, whether it is 4-Way NVIDIA, GeForce, SLITM, or AMD CrossFire XTM x 16 Link ASUS supports all of it.

Compatibility: This Motherboard has addressed the developing issues for the problems of i7 5820k in a very precise manner. To ensure the best compatibility, this motherboard works for the DDR4 memory vendor. T-Topology along with patent-pending OC sockets exclusively minimizes the cross talk and signal reflections. This specifically crafted design unleashes the ultimate potential of the DDR4 of the motherboard. This machine comes with very enduring 12k solid capacitors that work wonders as a motherboard for i7 5820k. The cooling system also employs the latest technology to ensure the highest performance even when the stakes are high and chips are down. It uses the latest ASUS Pro cool power connectors in the industry. The design of the structure provides logical dissipation of heat under extreme conditions. 

Suitable for: ASUS X99-E WS is a motherboard that can be the first choice of a graphic expert and anyone concerned with high-quality graphics. Since the objectives these people have are very different from the gamers and other users, so in this motherboard, the developers have picked these users under the focus. It is really a very wise choice for a graphic designer, people associated with high-quality animations and video effects. Apart from these, medical research and people related to simulations regard this machine as one of the best among the others.

Overall: The power supply with no interruptions is also a concern for users related to these functions. The ASUS X99-E WS has got it all under control. Specialized UEFI protects from overclocking thresholds and other disturbances. This additional layer adds more stability to the system. So by large, it can be safely said that ASUS X99-E WS is very high performance and easy to install the machine.

Asrock x99 extreme 4 (image credit: Amazon)
Asrock x99 extreme 4 (image credit: Amazon)

ASRock x99 extreme 4

Best Budget Motherboard for i7 5820k


Brand: | ASRock Memory: | 128GB DDR4 Chipset: | Intel® X99 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 2011-v3


Available on a very reasonable budget

Connectivity is so good

The cooling system employs very efficient technology, which qualifies all the other functions even more

 User friendly for UEFI


No features for graphics

Midrange capabilities

Asrock x99 extreme 4 is the best budget motherboard among all its competitors. 

Compatibility: It supports Intel core processor i7 generation with LGA 2011-3 socket Digi power design. The least expensive among all the picks, Asrock x99 extreme 4 is the best budget motherboard for i7 5820k. The structure of high-density glass fiber comprises of ATX form factor that revolves around 10 SATA capable of communicating 6GB/s coupled with M.2 and SATA. There are also four I/O panels and two USB 3.0 ports. To improve connectivity and make it flawless, there is also USB 2.0 present on the internal and external connectors of the motherboard.

Suitable for: The 12 power phase design supports the Intel® turbo boost technology. Overclocking technology is enabled by these phenomena features for both gamers and designers on the motherboard. There is Quad Channel DDR4, and an additional 8 x DDR4 DIMM slots. The potential of connectivity is exclusive within the range of the budget we are talking about. Asrock x99 extreme 4 has premium Blu-ray audio support coupled with 7.1 CH HD audio that provides content protection. The sound volumes can touch 115 decibels with the assistance of an amplifier. There is also an additional EMI shielding layer and PCB isolating cover. These all sound functions give extraordinary sound quality.

Overall: The cooling system of this motherboard consists of an XXL Aluminum Alloy heatsink. The heatsink removes the gathering heat and inhibits all the complications of overheating. In addition to Aluminum Alloy, there is also CPU Chassis temperature sensing, Chassis Power Fan Tachometer, Chassis quiet fan (that adjusts the audio by buffering the sound), Chassis Fan multi-speed control. This highly efficient cooling system has all the ability to protect your device from heating.


The conclusion of the story is that your hunt for the best motherboard for i7 5820k also depends upon your specific needs and desires for which you are looking for a motherboard. In the optimum den, all five mentioned articles can be proved as the best motherboard for i7 5820k. We have seen that ASUS Prime Z390-A is the best overall motherboard with super-efficient clocking and filling up all the spaces in the quadrants of graphics, audio, and video effects. But it is also a fact that if you are a gamer and looking for your ideal motherboard, there cannot be a perfect match-up for you except the MSI Z390-A PRO. A gamer would love this choice while sleeping too. Similarly, a simulation scientist cannot afford these two because he needs to travel an extra mile in search of graphics so ASUS X99-E WS will quench the thirst of our scientists with its whooping graphical range. Last but not least in any regard our other two pickings are helping users of midrange and those who do not need any specific requirement and also running short on the budget side, then these two will be the best motherboards for i7 5820k.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does i7 5820K have integrated graphics?

No, i7 5820k does not have any integrated graphics. You have to very wisely select your graphic cards in order to fulfill your requirements. However, hardware virtualization is available in the processor that qualifies the virtual performance.

Will i7 5820K work on my motherboard?

Selecting a motherboard for your processor can be very tricky. Our mentioned five motherboards work brilliantly on i7 5820k. These motherboards also cover all the needs from graphics to gaming to mainstream use. These motherboards are the following:
ASUS Prime Z390-A. Best Overall Motherboard for i7 5820k 
ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2. Best Mid-Range Motherboard for i7 5820k
MSI Z390-A PRO.      Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 5820k
ASUS X99-E WS.      Best EATX Motherboard for i7 5820k
ASRock x99 extreme.    Best Budget Motherboard for i7 5820k

What motherboard is compatible with i7 5820k?

There are 84 motherboards that are compatible with i7 5820k. However the upper mentioned five motherboards are most compatible and can be regarded as the best motherboard for i7 5820k. These products cover a very wide range of wish lists of the users. So out of 84, we have skimmed the 5 best machines for you! 

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