Best Motherboards for Ryzen 3 2200G

If you enjoy playing video games quite often on a budget, then the AMD Ryzen 3 2200G(Amazon) might be the right choice for you. Depending on what case or motherboard you are using, this Ryzen 3 2200G processor should fit into any issue or AM4 motherboard that offers HDMI, DisplayPort, and other output options. A few AMD Ryzen 3 processors have onboard graphics, but they’re becoming more common. A desktop computer built on a budget can help you save money. Because of its integrated graphics capabilities, this low-cost processor can perform well as a gaming processor.

Although the Ryzen 3 2200G has an integrated GPU, it is nevertheless an excellent everyday computer and a machine that can handle light gaming activities. Despite its relatively low price point, this processor uses the same AM4 socket as the other Ryzen processors. This makes it an excellent fit for a gaming PC because it offers a great combination of performance and price.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Size: The typical desktop motherboard comes in three sizes, which means users looking to buy a motherboard have an array of choices when choosing a case and form factor. Individual users favor the smaller and more compact issues. In contrast, more extensive and more powerful motherboards are full of more features, thus getting a more significant percentage of user preferences. However, the most important thing to remember is to ensure that the processor and the motherboard are compatible. An ATX motherboard, for instance, contains seven expansion slots. These motherboards also offer the most ports and the possibility of expansion. However, Micro-ATX boards support up to 4 RAM slots, while some top-end boards may only have 2 RAM, and there aren’t any extra USB ports on such boards. A lack of space has led to very few headers and ports on Mini-ITX motherboards, among the most miniature desktop motherboards.

Chipset: Regarding a new CPU or a system you have purchased or are planning to purchase, you already know what type of socket it has, and you are looking for compatible chipsets, so what would be the next step? Typically, every motherboard is assigned a specific chipset, which determines whether the motherboard will be compatible with a particular CPU. As an example of this argument, we will use AMD’s Ryzen processors, especially the AMD Ryzen 5 3600. A chipset of the same generation generally has the same socket as a chipset of a different generation. Consequently, it would help to familiarize yourself with the chipset your CPU uses to optimize your performance. X370, X470, and X570, to name a few. For this build to succeed, it is vital to think about the platform.

Connectivity Slots: There are several things to bear in mind when purchasing a motherboard, including the 66Bbasic connectivity. You will typically find numbers on product descriptions that indicate how many USB drives, Ethernet ports, and SATA drives the product possesses. USB ports, fan connectors, M.2 slots, and SATA ports make up the list of ports and connectors included in this category, as well as any other connectors and ports on the motherboard that you think are necessary. The presence of wifi capability is also an option on some motherboards. The easiest way to determine whether your motherboard has this feature is to look for the word wifi on the product page of your selected motherboard.

Budget: When it comes to funding, you can have additional features on your computer based on the price of your motherboard. With the AMD board and Intel Z490, and chipset, you have the possibility of overclocking at a meager cost. When you want wifi included in your motherboard, which is quite pricy, you may need to look for a specific motherboard. Compared to lower-end AMD boards without additional features, such as RGB lighting or wifi, they cost more on boards with higher-end chipsets. As for high-end motherboards, they all contain components for better performance and stability. Some gamers may need to push their CPUs or GPUs beyond what they see as a safe level of performance to gain an additional few frames per second. It will help if you make informed choices concerning your budget before doing any of the above.

Best Motherboards for Ryzen 3 2200G at a glance:

  1. Asus ROG Strix B450 F Gaming
  2. Gigabyte AMD B450 AORUS PRO WIFI
  3. MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX II
  5. MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX
  6. Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI)

The Best Motherboards for Ryzen 3 2200G You Can Buy Today

Asus ROG Strix B450 F Gaming (image credit: Amazon)
Asus ROG Strix B450 F Gaming (image credit: Amazon)

Asus ROG Strix B450 F Gaming

Best Gaming Motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200g


Brand: | ASUS Memory: | 128GB DDR4 Chipset: | AMD B450 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | AM4


Tunable ROG UEFI

SupremeFX Audio

Brisk DRAM overclocking

Overclocks without a problem


There are no M.2 heatsinks

There is no power or reset buttons

No Wi-Fi

There are some concerns about the BIOS

As far as compatibility and hardware are concerned, the Asus ROG Strix B450 F Gaming is considered the best gaming motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200g.

Compatibility: AMD’s latest AM4 socket Ryzen processors are compatible with the AMD B450 chipset, which delivers very good performance and flexibility. These AMD AM4-socket processors deliver amazing computing capabilities which are enhanced by dual-channel DDR4 memory, native USB 3.1 Gen 1 at 5Gbps, and 16 PCI Express 3.0 lanes. In addition to two USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps ports and two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, the system has expandable expansion slots. With regard to AMD StoreMI storage acceleration technology, this is one of the best motherboards for Ryzen 3 2200g. Four 6Gbps SATA ports help access data more quickly when paired with a high-performance CPU.

Suitable for: The ROG Strix gaming build can be customized to meet your requirements, with the option of overclocking, cooling, and customizing network and audio performance. ROG Strix B450-F Gaming motherboard from Asus is an ideal option for gamers who are looking to build a powerful gaming rig on a budget, especially one that combines high-performance components. Furthermore, the ROG Strix B450-F Gaming motherboard not only provides enough power for Ryzen’s cores but also includes a number of software utilities and firmware controls for maintaining functionality regardless of the user’s skill level. Furthermore, cooling, storage, and connectivity options make computing systems easy to set up and tune, and the systems are also easy to maintain.  

Overall: Asus’ ROG Strix B450-F Gaming provides you with a comprehensive range of customization and component options, a vast ecosystem, and validated components that make it easy for you to build the custom gaming rig of your dreams.

Gigabyte AMD B450 AORUS PRO Wifi (image credit: Amazon)
Gigabyte AMD B450 AORUS PRO Wifi (image credit: Amazon)


Best Overall Motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200G


Brand: | Gigabyte Memory: | 128GB DDR4 Chipset: | AMD B450 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | AM4


Good value for money

A wide range of connectivity options


Hardware and software limitations limit OC

The M.2 slot is located in a very hot and inaccessible location

Gigabyte AMD B450 I AORUS PRO is the best overall motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200G.

Compatibility: With AMD StoreMI, you are able to fully utilize the capabilities of your computer. StoreMI enhances user experience by significantly improving audio quality, leveraging the latest Standard WiFi design, as well as by accelerating traditional storage devices. GIGABYTE motherboards, which have high-speed Ethernet, will now be a great choice for users who want to build the best AMD platforms. The versatility of AMD 2nd Gen RyzenTM processors, coupled with features such as the Ultra DurableTM Armor and USB Type-C interface found on GIGABYTE motherboards, empowers enthusiasts to experience maximum performance.

Suitable for: The best Ryzen 3 2200g motherboard offers native 4K support as well as AMD Radeon graphics, making GIGABYTE products an excellent choice for graphics-intensive work and multitasking. As a result, you get the advantages of both HDDs and SSDs, offering maximum capacity and speed combined. Faster read/write speeds have enabled these devices to be used for educational and business purposes to compete with SSDs while using everyday PCs as powerful devices.

Overall: In reality, the IR digital controller in AORUS B450 AORUS PRO WIFI provides the necessary power to the CPU. 4K resolution represents the next technological milestone in the field of content delivery in high-definition. It is a format that utilizes approximately 4,000 pixels per horizontal pixel in 4K content. Besides being able to provide at least 50A of power to the display, display technology has grown four times, with a four-fold increase in pixel density. 

MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX II (image credit: Amazon)
MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX II (image credit: Amazon)

MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX II

Best ATX Motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200G


Brand: | MSI Memory: | 128GB DDR4 Chipset: | AMD® B450 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | AM4


USB-C connector

Protected PCIe x16 slot

Overall, a strong aesthetic



Only 1x M.2 slot

There are not enough VRM phases

There are many things that make MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX II the best ATX motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200G.

Compatibility: You can also refer to the motherboard as being a Core Boost motherboard. As computer systems become more multi-cored, the design of the thermal and electrical components are more critical, allowing gaming and multitasking to resume uninterrupted, even with more cores. Also compatible with AMD Ryzen 2-Gen AMD Radeon Graphics Desktop Processors for the socket AM4 (users must be familiar with AMD’s Socket AM4 format). There are many advanced features that come with this Ryzen3 2200g processor, including a full-digital power design, higher core counts, and faster performance.

Suitable for: In addition to its excellent gaming performance, DDR4 memory technology also offers outstanding stability and reliability, owing to its pure data signal design. Furthermore, MSI motherboards are fully compliant with all the newer storage standards. The motherboard comes equipped with a BIOS flashing button that enables you to flash any BIOS in a matter of seconds, without the need to install a CPU, memory, or graphics card. It also allows the user to use any storage device that is extremely fast in order to store data. When you use DDR4 Memory, you can simplify your work with a speed of 4133(OC) MHz. This MSI motherboard offers a gamer-friendly experience with an extended PWM heatsink and Enhanced Circuit Design that enables even the best processors to perform at their peak. 

Overall: The Steel Armor PCI-E slot enables dual AMD Crossfire GPU connectivity, including studio-quality audio for a truly immersive gaming experience, plus PCI-E support for multiple GPUs. For a better gaming experience, MSI also provides 1x TURBO M.2 and AMD Turbo USB 3.0 GEN2.

ASROCK B450M STEEL LEGEND (image credit: Amazon)
ASROCK B450M STEEL LEGEND (image credit: Amazon)


Best Budget Motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200G


Brand: | ASRock Memory: | 64GB DDR4 Chipset: | AMD B450 Form Factor: | Micro-ATX Socket: | AM4


The DisplayPort connection for APUs

Ultra M.2 and SATA M.2 sockets



Stability issues with overclocking

As the best budget motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200G, the ASRock B450M Steel Legend provides the best value for money for constructing a system.

Compatibility: There are several AMD desktop processors compatible with this motherboard such as the AMD Ryzen 2000. The graphics experience of Ryzen 2200G APUs will be significantly improved, since FreeSync will be able to automatically adjust the frame rate to minimize bottlenecks, thereby improving performance. The B450M Steel Legend provides several connectivity options for SSDs and hard drives, including four SATA 3 ports and an Ultra M.2 slot. 

Suitable for: A gaming CPU like the 2200G, for example, is best suited to the Steel Series B450M. It was designed to provide light gaming requirements. In the past few years, SSDs have become very popular as storage solutions, combining the speed, performance, and capacity of SSDs with the convenience and usability of hard drives. There is a USB 3.1 Gen2 port located on the rear side of the device that offers data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps and supports devices from the next generation. AMD StoreMI is the technology that unifies these two storage types, and as you use your HDD more, AMD StoreMI will transfer data over to your SSD.

Overall: The PCI-E Steel Slot contains a solid cover that prevents signal interference from taking place between the graphics card and the PCI-E slot, as a result of the advanced technology. In addition, PCI-E slots are also fitted with locking mechanisms that prevent heavy graphics cards from falling out. A high-quality 60 A power choke from ASRock ensures that the saturation current on the motherboard is increased by up to three times, therefore increasing and improving the Vcore voltage.

MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX (image credit: Amazon)
MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX (image credit: Amazon)

MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX

Best Graphics Motherboard for the Ryzen 3 2200g. 


Brand: | MSI Memory: | 128GB DDR4 Chipset: | AMD® B450 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | AM4


Potential to overclock

A great deal for the performance


A limited number of storage interfaces

In an idle state, power consumption is high

As a matter of fact, its Realtek 8111H Gigabit LAN controllers, one LAN port, HDMI outputs, and DVI-D outputs make it the best graphic motherboard for the Ryzen 3 2200g. 

Compatibility: Aside from the four right-angled SATA ports, the two remaining ports have straight-lined connectors while the other two feature right-angled connectors. There is an ATX power connector with 24 pins, whereas the processor is connected to an ATX 12 pin connector. In addition to the six USB 3.1 ports, the B450M Gaming Plus is equipped with four additional USB 2.0 ports and four USB 3.1 ports. As there are a total of four internal headers, the number of USB ports can be increased by using the headers.

Suitable for: The microATX versions of the motherboard are compatible with the 22110 (22 x 110 mm). There are four right-angled SATA 6 Gbps ports on this board, offering RAID 0, 1, and 10 array functionality. The B450 has a heatsink that covers the entire power delivery system, meaning that the power delivery system passively cools the MOSFETs in the SoC. In summary, the B450 Gaming Plus features six 3.5mm audio jacks that use the Realtek ALC892 codec for slightly improved audio quality when compared to the B450 Gaming.

Overall: MSI’s B450 Gaming Plus has been found to use a power configuration with four phases, but an ATX model with two channels uses a power configuration offering four phases. On the B450 Gaming Plus, there are six 4-pin fan connectors: four are dedicated to the case fans, plus one for the CPU fan and one for the water pump. 

Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi (image credit: Amazon)
Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi (image credit: Amazon)


Best Wifi Motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200g


Brand: | ASUS Memory: | 128GB DDR4 Chipset: | AMD X570 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | AM4


Great value for money

UEFI BIOS design and usability

Activated cooling on the chipset

USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port


PCIe x1 port unavailable with all x16 ports occupied

There is no USB 3.1 Gen2 port on the front panel

It is the best wifi motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200g because it combines AMD’s latest platform with standard features, along with proven durability. 

Compatibility: Quite possibly one of the most important components in TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi)‘s VRM is its 12+2 Dr. MOS power stage. AMD’s latest processors offer the same power and efficiency but with integrated MOSFET and driver packages in one package, making it even more appealing. Its enhanced power delivery and comprehensive cooling solutions make the TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wifi) an ideal platform for the next high-core-count AMD battle rig that you’re planning to build. The speed of memory and storage is also higher than most comparable models on the market.

Suitable for: With the TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi), you get a comprehensive, high-performing gaming solution. Thanks to military-grade components, improved power solutions, and an array of cooling options, these motherboards deliver rock-solid performance with remarkably stable gaming performance. It features ultrafast network speeds and onboard RGB lighting that you can use with accessory devices, along with pristine audio for smoother online gaming, and positional cues for good FPS. Even those who are new to motherboard building will find that TUF Gaming motherboards are easy to set up and configure.

Overall: Using the TUF Gaming Alliance, you can quickly build a gaming system with components that not only work together but are also compatible and aesthetic. In order to provide you with the best of both worlds, ASUS collaborates with trusted industry partners to produce its TUF Gaming motherboards.


Choosing the best AMD Ryzen 3 2200G desktop processor motherboard is undeniably a challenge, especially when it comes to the AMD Ryzen 3 2200G processor. In conclusion, we will be able to summarize the contents of this article by stating that a motherboard is one of the most important components in the gaming realm. The task of selecting the right motherboard is even more challenging for a person who has no technical background and has never purchased a motherboard before. In order to speed up your gaming experience, you’ll need a good motherboard. Your main computer needs only be powered by a powerful processor such as AMD Ryzen 3 2200 to be good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a320 motherboard support Ryzen 3 2200G?

Make sure to check the instructions on the packaging. There’s a good chance that it has been upgraded if it indicates that it complies with Ryzen 2000. There is no doubt that AMD Ryzen 3 processors 2200G is capable of gaming, and they are crafted with AMD Zen Core Architecture. The MSI A320M-A PRO MAX motherboard supports AMD Ryzen desktop processors which run on the socket AM4 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation processors. In regards to Ryzen 2000, the models starting with F20 feature AGESA technology. If the stock you plan to purchase is relatively new, there is a good possibility that you have no problems. However, a local retailer can always update it for you.

How much RAM do I need for Ryzen 3 2200G?

Total power consumption of 65 Watts is offered by 2200G, which features a base clock speed of 3.5GHz and a boost speed of 3.7GHz. In addition, it can support RAM running at 3200 MHz. A DDR4-2933 dual-channel memory installation of up to 64 gigabytes can be supported by this MPU, as well as Radeon Vega 8 Graphics running at 1.1GHz. Configurable TDP-down capability is available.

What is the best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 3 2200G?

Gigabyte’s AB350M-DS3H motherboard, which utilizes the X370 chipset, is a good GPU for the money. Aside from its four slots, this motherboard also has a number of advantages, such as the fact that it is compatible with the 2200G out of the box, without the need for anything to be updated to the BIOS. When coupled with the fast 4GB of RAM, it provides a very good opportunity for overclocking

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