7 Best Motherboards for i7 10700k in 2022

What would one expect from a motherboard? The answer may seem rather obvious, to provide the full functionality required by the user. However, it turns out that providing full functionality is actually quite an impossible task because CPUs and GPUs provide a certain set of capabilities already. i7 10700k has everything that an average user would need. With the addition of the Hyper-Threading feature, this CPU can provide improved performance per core which means faster results for single-threaded tasks because we have gathered the best motherboards for i7 10700k.

The newest i7 10700k has a base frequency of 3.6GHz and it can turbo boost up to 4.3GHz on one core, 4.5GHz on two cores, 4.7GHz on four cores, and 4.9GHz when only one core is in use. Due to the nature of CPU frequency, the number of cores, and their frequencies, this CPU can be paired with any motherboard that has good VRM and other important features. The task of finding the best motherboard for i7 10700k may seem relatively straightforward; it’s not that different from finding a good motherboard for any other CPU. However, there are several things that one should keep in mind before picking the very first one that seems to fit the description.

Quick Shopping Tips:

While picking the motherboard for i7 10700k, there are certain factors that you need to consider such as:

Features: Buying a top-of-the-line motherboard does not make much sense unless you’re going to be taking advantage of what it has to offer. Be sure that your board has the features you need like extra USB ports or support for Wi-Fi if your case doesn’t have built-in wireless networking.

Chipset: For starters, Intel Core i7-10700K supports Intel 300 series chipsets such as Z490, H470, B460, and H410.

Form Factor: The form factor or size of the motherboard is an important factor when buying any component. Desktop motherboards come in different sizes such as ATX (Advanced Technology Extended), Micro-ATX (µATX), and Mini-ITX (µITX).

Overclocking Support: Intel Core i7-10700K is an unlocked CPU which means that it can be overclocked. If you want to do overclocking then make sure that your motherboard supports overclocking at maximum.

Expansion Slots: If you want to connect multiple GPUs or other PCIe devices, you will also need a motherboard with plenty of expansion slots. All of our favorite boards have at least three PCIe x16 slots, so they can support up to three graphics cards in an SLI configuration (except for the Asus ROG Strix Z490-I Gaming – it has one PCIe x16 slot).

RAM: The Random Access Memory (RAM) of any motherboard should be at par with your PC’s requirements. For example, if you have a good amount of RAM in your system, the motherboard needs to accommodate the same. Otherwise, it will only end up slowing down the operations of your PC. If you plan on expanding your system in the future, it might be worth getting a higher capacity motherboard than what you currently need – for example, if you think that you may add more RAM or storage devices in the future.

Best Motherboards for i7 10700k at a glance:

  1. ASUS Prime Z490-A
  2. ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus
  4. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus
  5. GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Master
  6. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex
  7. Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC

The Best Motherboards for i7 10700k You Can Buy Today

ASUS Prime Z490-A (image credit: Amazon)
ASUS Prime Z490-A (image credit: Amazon)

ASUS Prime Z490-A

Best ATX Motherboard for i7 10700k


Brand: | Asus Memory: | 128GB Chipset: | Intel Z490 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 1200


Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth 5.0

Durable Capacitors for stable power delivery

Comprehensive Cooling

ASUS OptiMem


No USB Type C port on the front panel header

The Asus Prime series has been a staple in the budget segment for quite some time now, and the Z490-A is one of the better offerings from this series. It’s armed with all the essentials that are needed for a gaming-oriented build, and it offers a solid foundation for building your 10700K rig on. The motherboard is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 10, meaning whether you’re an upgrader or a new user there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues. Coming to the technical specifications, ASUS Prime Z490-A is the best ATX motherboard for i7 10700k which has a 12+1 power phase design as well, which helps in improving overclocking stability.

You have six SATA III ports, two PCIe x4 M.2 slots (32Gb/s), plus a U.2 port for an NVME drive if you really want your computer to run at its best. A built-in 802.11 AC Wi-Fi connection is available for those that want wireless connectivity, and there is an Ethernet port for users that need wired connectivity. Further to this, there are integrated Display ports, HDMI video outputs along with DVI if you’re still using old monitors. On this best motherboard for i7 10700k, there are four DIMM slots that can accommodate up to 64GB of RAM running at a frequency of 2400MHz (OC). In addition to easy voltage reading with a voltmeter, the motherboard supports memory dividers such as 3466MHz+ for overclockers.

ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus (image credit: Amazon)
ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus (image credit: Amazon)

ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus

Best Affordable Motherboard for i7 10700k


Brand: | Asus Memory: | 128GB Chipset: | Intel Z490 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 1200


Enhanced Power Solution

Comprehensive Cooling

Next-Gen Connectivity

DIY Friendly Design


Support only PCIe 3

Only one M.2 slots

This is another solid motherboard that comes with a ton of features. Other than the great quality and cooling system, it has an impressive overclocking capability. The TUF Gaming Z490-Plus is the best affordable motherboard for i7 10700k, built on a black PCB, and has two metallic heat sinks and a metallic cover over the I/O panel. The heat sinks are connected via a heat pipe that helps spread the thermal load evenly across them. The board also comes with RGB LED lighting, and there are four LED headers for connecting more lighting. The stability of this motherboard is noticeable and reliable, thanks to its optimum power solution. It has ASUS Optimum II, which helps ensure ultra-stable power by enhancing the VRMs and delivering a steady flow of power to the CPU.

Among its storage resources, there are eight SATA III ports and one M.2 slot, which is compatible with PCIe Gen3 x4 and SATA III SSDs, as well as Intel Optane Memory. With proper cooling, its turbo core frequency can reach 4.4 GHz, which allows it to offer strong single-threaded performance. This best motherboard for i7 10700k supports DDR4 memory speeds of up to 4266 MHz, while the motherboard’s chipset supports higher rates of up to 4366 MHz through overclocking. The board is equipped with five PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, allowing two graphics cards to run at full speed. The back panel has four USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports for connecting peripherals such as mice and keyboards. The front panel is equipped with a 7.1 channel Realtek ALC S1200A audio system.

GIGABYTE Z490I AORUS Ultra (image credit: Amazon)
GIGABYTE Z490I AORUS Ultra (image credit: Amazon)


Best Mini-ITX Motherboard for i7 10700k


Brand: | Gigabyte Memory: | 128GB Chipset: | Intel Z490 Form Factor: | Mini-ITX Socket: | LGA 1200


Solid build quality

Good overclocking capabilities

USB ports on the rear I/O

Pre-installed rear I/O shield



The Z490I AORUS Ultra is the best Mini-ITX motherboard for i7 10700k. It has great aesthetics and the performance is solid. It can be used for gaming, content creation, productivity, and much more. The best thing about the Z490I AORUS Ultra is its support for 10th gen Intel Core processors, including the Core i7 10700K. The board is also compatible with previous-gen processors and series 8XXX chips. This motherboard is certainly a powerful Mini-ITX best motherboard for i7 10700k that can take on the most demanding workload. The most noteworthy feature of AORUS Z490I is the incorporation of the newest technology, the Intel Wireless-AC 9560. This provides you with a wireless internet connection of up to 1.73 Gbps and Bluetooth 5.0 support. 

The board has 7.1 channel HD audio with Realtek S1220A Codec, an Intel Gigabit LAN controller, USB 3.1 Type-C port as well as HDMI and DVI ports. It combines cutting-edge design and powerful hardware so you can enjoy the latest games and other media content without lags or stutters. Also, its integrated audio quality has been upgraded for an immersive experience, was designed to help your system run smoothly and efficiently. By reducing power consumption, adjusting the fan speeds automatically, and enhancing voltage stability, it’s possible to increase your system’s reliability. This motherboard features a cutting-edge integrated chipset that has an M.2 Socket 3 with up to 32 Gb/s data transfer speeds. In addition, this motherboard supports PCIe 3.0 x16 slots with 2 graphics cards and wireless networking so you can handle multiple demanding tasks without experiencing a drop in performance.

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus (image credit: Amazon)
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus (image credit: Amazon)

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus

Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 10700k


Brand: | MSI Memory: | 128GB Chipset: | Intel Z490 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 1200


Supports DDR4 Memory up to 5000 MHz

Lightning Fast Game experience

Core Boost

Mystic Light and Mystic Light Sync

Audio Boost


Only 1x M.2 with shield

RAM slots without protection

No matter what kind of gamer or PC enthusiast you are, the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus is the best gaming motherboard for i7 10700k. This motherboard features a completely black design with white accents on the back and a red dragon logo that looks not bad. You can have up to four graphics cards installed at once and it has three M.2 slots for SSDs. When it comes to audio, this motherboard is equipped with 8-channel HD audio with an ALC1200 codec that delivers a premium sound experience whether you’re playing games or listening to music. For connectivity, you’ll find two Ethernet ports, one of which is 2.5Gbps and one of which is 1Gbps, as well as integrated WiFi with Bluetooth 5 support.

The motherboard has a fairly basic design that’s accentuated by some RGB lighting on the rear I/O shroud. There’s not much else in terms of eye candy, but that’s what keeps costs low here. The MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus supports both CrossFireX and SLI multi-GPU configurations, so you can use multiple GPUs if you wish (but they will run at PCIe 3.0). The motherboard has M.2 slot with support for both PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSDs as well as SATA drives. All in all, this board is the best motherboard for i7 10700k and a great option for anyone who wants to build themselves a computer that uses the Intel Core i7 10700k.


Best Premium Motherboard for i7 10700k


Brand: | Gigabyte Memory: | 128GB Chipset: | Intel Z490 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 1200


Supports 10th Gen Intel Core Series Processors

Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs

Intel Optane Memory Ready

Direct 16 Phases Digital VRM Solution with 70A Smart Power Stage (SPS)

Fins-Array Heatsink & Direct Touch Heatpipe


No USB Type-C port

M.2 ports at the wrong place

Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master is arguably the most feature-packed motherboard you can find on the market right now. It features an Intel LGA 1200 socket that is compatible with Intel’s 10th generation processors. The motherboard comes with an array of connectivity options including up to three M.2 slots, six SATA ports. Two USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports on the back panel and a bunch of other USB ports along with Thunderbolt 3 support which has been provided by the ASMEDIA ASM3242 chip. If you are looking for the best premium motherboard for i7 10700k, then the GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Master is a great option to consider. It has just about everything that you can expect from such a motherboard, including support for multi-GPU setups, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, triple M.2 slots, and more.

The motherboard comes with a bunch of RGB lighting options to make your gaming rig stand out from the crowd. The RGB Fusion 2.0 app lets you set up different profiles for different modes and scenarios (gaming, media streaming, etc.). Talking about the chipset, it’s an Intel Z490 chipset that is specially designed for 10th generation processors and offers a lot of features including support for DDR4 RAMs up to 4800MHz and more. The board also comes with dual PCIe x16 slots which are both reinforced by metal to bear any heavy graphics card. In addition to this, there are also dual PCIe x4 slots as well as a PCIe x1 slot if you want to throw in some extra expansion cards in your build. You also get three fan headers at the top which are quite useful in maintaining the temperature.

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex (image credit: Amazon)
ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex (image credit: Amazon)

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex

Best Overclocking Motherboard for the Intel Core i7 10700K processor


Brand: | Asus Memory: | 128GB Chipset: | Intel Z490 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 1155


Robust power design

Optimized thermal design

Fastest gaming connectivity 

Best gaming networking

Best gaming connectivity


Quite Expensive

The Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex is the best overclocking motherboard for i7 10700K processor. The board packs in loads of features for gaming and overclocking, but it does come with an expensive price tag. For those who are willing to spend a premium on their motherboard, Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex will not disappoint them. It boasts of a 16 power stage design, 10Gbps Ethernet with ASUS LANGuard protection that ensures stable network connections and optimal gaming performance, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity that makes your gaming experience smooth and lag-free, 5GHz Wi-Fi speeds, AI Overclocking Technology, AI Cooling technology that puts the fans on full blast when temperatures are high. 

It also has a ton of great features for gamers, including an Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 adapter for the fastest possible wireless speeds and a great onboard audio solution. The Realtek ALC1220 is one of the best onboard audio solutions on the market, with a rating of 120 dB SNR for playback and 113 dB SNR for recording. ASUS OptiMem II technology improves signal integrity by routing traces and vias to the optimal PCB layer. This can enhance memory stability and compatibility while giving memory kits higher frequency headroom. The board has two M.2 slots that support PCIe 4.0 SSDs, Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (802.11 axes), SupremeFX S1220A codec for immersive gaming audio, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C and Type-A connectors, RGB lighting which is customizable through the AURA Sync software.

Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC (image credit: Amazon)
Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC (image credit: Amazon)

Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC

Best Flagship Motherboard for i7 10700k


Brand: | Gigabyte Memory: | 128GB Chipset: | Intel Z490 Form Factor: | ATX Socket: | LGA 1200


Supports 10th Gen Intel Core processors for LGA 1200 socket

Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 4800(OC) MHz

Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs


Aesthetically unpleasant

If you’re looking for a well-rounded best motherboard for i7 10700k, then the Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC is one of the best options out there. The AORUS ELITE AC is a member of the AORUS brand which is Gigabyte’s premium line of gaming motherboards which makes it the best flagship motherboard for i7 10700k. As such, they’re designed to provide enthusiasts with an all-around solid experience. This motherboard in particular sports a ton of useful features, including support for up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM, dual M.2 SSD slots, and even Intel Wi-Fi 6 support. On top of that, it also features RGB lighting and a well-made cooling system that keeps temperatures in check. For starters, it has a decent amount of fan headers, with a total of five available. There’s one CPU fan header, two 4-pin chassis headers, and three 4-pin system fan headers. All five are PWM/voltage mode hybrid capable and come with Gigabyte’s Smart Fan 5 technology, which allows for automatic fan speed control based on system temperatures.

The board’s audio capabilities are also respectable furthermore the board has an ESS Sabre Hi-Fi DAC and supports 192kHz/24-bit audio playback. It also uses premium audio capacitors in its composition. Gigabyte has opted to keep the BIOS simple and straightforward, but there are still plenty of options available to tweak performance during overclocking. You can adjust voltages and multipliers as well as individual core clock speeds if you so desire. The only downside is that it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option on this list. But if you’re more focused on functionality over form, then this best motherboard for i7 10700k will definitely be worth looking into.


With so many competing products on the market today, how is a consumer to make their decision? Well, first they need to read the reviews which is what we are offering. We have reviewed each board carefully based on price and performance. Hopefully, you will find our reviews helpful and you can make an informed decision about which product is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best motherboard for Intel i7 10th Gen?

Asus ROG Strix F Gaming. This motherboard has built-in LED lights and has a number of different connectivity ports, including USB 2.0, 1394, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Is the Intel Core i7-10700K compatible motherboard?

The best motherboard for 10700K will depend on what you want to do with it. If you’re building a gaming rig, a Z490 would be the right choice. However, an H470 is still decent if you can get a good deal. If you’re looking for a budget build, then B460 is the way to go. It doesn’t come with many features but is ideal for basic computing needs. If you’re building a high-end workstation, then X570 would be the best motherboard for 10700K. It comes with plenty of features that are not available on any other chipset.

Is i7-10700K good with 3080?

i7 10700k is going to bottleneck 3080. The i7 10700k is great for gaming, but not for a 3080. If you are going with a 3080 then you need to pair it with an i9 or Ryzen 9 processor at the very least. Ryzen 7 or 8 would be good too, but an extra few hundred MHz that an i9 or Ryzen 9 has makes a big difference in frame rates.

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